I’m back with another Monday Makeup Lesson it’s super easy and can make your eyes bigger and brighter!

Need to be ready in a hurry check out this video:

My problem is that I have dark circles and dark eyelids. So I need more steps than this lol

you should apply and white lotion before this makeup and for dark eye lid you should also apply white eye cover

You can also use your foudation and concealer over your lids and set it with a powder with coverage. Not sure if it will work if you have oily lids–it may transfer easily.

since u have a fair complexion u used pink ish tones. wat bout like darker skin tones like medium olive tones. any recommendations???? plus I have dark circles under my eyes and darker lids

Finally, a channel with makeup videos that DON’T last 5-10 minutes. Simple instructions and right to the point! Subcribed! ,’:)

I can’t find this particular make-up! Where did you get it?