Before & After My Asian Eyelid Surgery

Before & After My Asian Eyelid Surgery

Going to Dr. Lee and getting the surgery was the most exciting thing ever and I love to relive it with you and walk you through anything you may be going through. Yayyyyy : )

The real Before & After My Asian Eyelid Surgery

Thank you Dr. Charles Lee for my amazing results!!!

See my blog where I write about surgery with Dr. Lee and life as an Asian in America… Sooo many people share the same feelings you’re feeling and I hope you can relate to me and you don’t feel so alone growing up in America, etc., after reading my story…

I am continuously adding content for you!

Dr. Charles Lee’s contact information and website:

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19 thoughts on “Before & After My Asian Eyelid Surgery

  1. hii, I'm interested with your eyelid surgery result!! your eyelids better nowdo you mind to tell me where you do it? Can you help me please .. I hope you answer it 😊

  2. still not look natural due i have natural double eye lids eyes so i know whay they supposed to look like, still look lot better than jinky small eyes, look so strange, weird, missing something n boring especially eye lashes too tiny.

  3. My girlfriend is Japanese and wants to do this. I want to be supportive but I also tell her frequently that I like her the way she is and she doesn't need to change, at least not for my sake, but I understand because she wants to do it for her self confidence which is fair enough. Thanks for this video, I wasn't really sure what to expect but it put me a little more into the picture :)

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