Before and After Plastic Surgery (Eyelid surgery transformations)

Patient “before & after” images showing their amazing transformations after eyelid (blepharoplasty) surgery, performed by Dr. Trevor M. Born, Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Born is known for his holistic and detailed approach to eyelid surgery, helping patients achieve a natural looking result. Look less tired, more refreshed – not “done.”

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One thought on “Before and After Plastic Surgery (Eyelid surgery transformations)

  1. My lower bleph experience: The first 2-6 months post surgery were amazing but then hollowness started creeping in at ~8 months in. A year and four months later, I now feel like I need filler to get my old self back. I'm afraid the filler will lead to lumps, bumps, and allergic reactions (this is a quite common side effect according to many posts). It's a slippery slope folks.Note: Most post lower bleph videos and photos are taken while swelling is still at its prime so results look incredible. Why aren't physicians candid? Why don't they post pictures 2 – 5 years out?$?Think twice before you get a lower bleph (that said, I heard upper bleph is relatively safe and easy). It's not worth it in my opinion. At all. And my doctor was an oculoplastic surgeon with over 25 years experience. He swore he'd go conservative.

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