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I don’t judge plastic surgery, I actually REALLY admire it when it turns out really pretty and natural looking (American plastic surgery does NOT look natural at all). There are some Korean celebrity cases like Park Bom where I say “Ooooh that looks so bad and creepy”, but for the most part I think Korean plastic surgeons are probably the best in the world.

She’s wearing makeup and stuff in the second one, unfair comparisons are a bit rigged, perhaps to advertise a clinic or whatever for a discount on the operation..

i love that steph encourages monolids instead of saying that double eyelids are better. i’m korean/japanese and i have single eyelids. for the longest time growing up i believed it was unfortunate the fact i had single eyelids instead of double. and a lot of american (mostly white) people agreed that if i had eyes like them, i’d be prettier.

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