My Eye Lift Surgery – Before & after cosmetic eyelid surgery.
46-year old journalist Leonie Barlow shares her experience of having an upper eye lift – blepharoplasty in Auckland, New Zealand. Including before and after images. This video was shot eight weeks after Leonie’s eye lift surgery.

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8 thoughts on “My Eye Lift Surgery – Before & after cosmetic eyelid surgery.

  1. Hi Leonie, Could you please tell me how's your scar now? I got eyelid surgery nearly 2 months ago and now one of my eyelid got scar got worse, it's not even, not smooth. I think I can call it "keloid". The other eyelid is good and smooth. I'm really worried. Any way can I contact you?

  2. Thank you so much for this video! I am saving up courage for this procedure. I'm only 30 years old but I am genetically predisposed for this "condition". My eyes were so pretty up until about three years ago when the make up started to disappear and I always look tired in photos. I so miss my big eyes! Just so scared to look startled and not being able to close my eyes or havin my eyebrows being dragged down. Your results are beautiful! Don't wanna get botched….

  3. "He talked me through the procedure, how long it involved, how long it would take, how much down time…" Any chance of explaining this in full? My girlfriend is thinking about having this operation and wants to know the details, if possible, like how long the stitches are in and who takes them out, etc. Thanks.

  4. thank you some much both of you i am having an surgery after 2 weeks and im scared as hell but after seeing this i got some courage to conform it but it looks painfull im pretty scared just by seeing a needle x) i cant help it thanks a million :)

  5. I'm 22 and my eyelids are already hanging lower than yours ever were, my brows are also lower. I can't wait until I can afford surgery.

  6. I had this done earlier this year. I vlogged my recovery on my channel. The scars go right into the crease of my eye and I am SO happy with the result!

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