Upper blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) – recovery story with photos

My recovery story up to 5 weeks post-op.

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20 thoughts on “Upper blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) – recovery story with photos

  1. Thank you so much for the information. I'm having the surgery done in 1 month, and very scared, and nervous. Really appreciate your video, and the music is so beautiful – love it !

  2. Can anyone recommend a clinc in north manchester where they have had blepharoplasty done.

  3. This video look fake. first eyes look of a lady of age 65 , while after surgery picture look of a lady who's age I s in their 20 ties.

  4. Thank you, I am in day 3 of PO. Everything went very smoothly. My only problem is the eye creams I have to put in my eyes 4 times a day, that depresses me.

  5. Thanks for the great informative video. You have such beautiful blue eyes, made even more beautiful by your surgery. 

  6. Thank you so much. Scheduling my eyelids next month in Mexico…helped me feel much better about what to expect.

  7. How is the scar now? Is it visible and noticeable? Please provide an eye close pic as of now.

  8. My right eye is turning inward due to a severely drooping eyelid. I have a neurological problem causing this. I just called my ophthalmologist today and will be seen in three weeks. I hope everything can be improved for me. I'm a working artist and am VERY stressed over this! Please wish me luck.Your video gives me hope. I am more concerned about my eyesight rather than my looks but if I looked better, what a bonus!

  9. Rose, thanks so much for sharing your exerience and photos…Ihave just completed 1 week and I am having a very good recovery ,.I must say I was feeling anxious and concrened but aft5er wathing your both videos I feel so much confident…I did both upper and lower eyelid…and I was with so many thougths…you clarified them so much…thank you a lot!! your eyes look stunning btw :)Daniela

  10. I've been thinking about getting this surgery but so scared. Ty for the video seeing the before & after pictures really has made me want to do it

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