Vlog:Full Incisional Upper Blepharoplasty/ Epicanthoplasty Experience at Wave Surgery

Before anything, can we just get a moment of silence in honor of my very first vlog?…LOL.
In this video I will bring you guys along my journey of getting double eyelids through the full incisional method. My doctor Dr. Goretti Ho did a great job and so far I am really happy with the results (although there’s still much healing needed). This video will walk you through the day of surgery to suture removal and up to the 13th day after surgery. I won’t go into too much detail here but please visit my blog(see link below) and Instagram for more detailed day to day updates.

I know some of you are going to notice the typos as I misspelled “anything” and “stitches” in one of the frames, I SO SOLLY. 🙁

And please do not post stupid comments because this is something I wanted to do due to my personal preferences, your negative/offensive opinions will not be tolerated here. Thanks.
For those of you who are interested in the procedure and are thinking of doing it, hope this can be of help. Oh, and stay tuned for part II where I’ll update you guys on the healing process.

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19 thoughts on “Vlog:Full Incisional Upper Blepharoplasty/ Epicanthoplasty Experience at Wave Surgery

  1. Thank you for your amazing video! I'm going to have the exact same surgery as you are doing, but there is still one thing that I'm wondering that will my eyelids droop again after a few years? Thank you again :)

  2. Yes I had pimple like bumps on my incision line as well that I ended up removing myself and now at about one year later the scars and scar bumps are mostly gone!!

  3. In your other video about the 5 month update, you stated that you hoped that your eyes would stay that size and not become any smaller. Did they become smaller? If so, why is that? Do they ever go back to being small lids? And also, what contacts do you wear? Are they prescription???

  4. Holy shit that looks so painful there are other ways to get a non monolid w tape and stuff

  5. Hello LBT!I got double eyelid Sergery 12 days ago one my eye different then other like this happens with you or no?and one swelling more then other I am worry about that.Can you answer please thanks .

  6. ur eyes was so beautiful i don't know why u hurt ur self and all that pain for make it like that ….!!

  7. I had my lip done with dr . Ho and I love it. Dr Ho is the best dr at Wave . You look so gorgeous btw 😘 love your videos

  8. I was just wondering how bad the pain is and after. Also was there any pain in the stitching removal? But basically I would also love to know where you go it done, how much did it cost, and basically how long it took until it wasn't red or bruised but a more natural looking lid. Thank you!!

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