Why Asian Double Eyelid Surgery Swelling Two Weeks After is Normal Part of Surgical Recovery

A woman had double eyelid surgery 2 weeks ago. She wants to know why her eyes are still swollen after the surgery.

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains that swelling at this time is typical. He does a lot of Asian eyelid surgeries and he can certainly share over 20 years of doing this surgery that there is some degree of variability between patients regarding the amount of swelling they have. Asian eyelid surgery requires a particular type of method that involves the fixation of the eyelid crease to the muscle that lifts the eyelid called the levator muscle. In order to create that crease, there has to be a connection made between the skin and the levator muscle. This can be performed both with an incisional or a non-incisional procedure.

After surgery, there is crowding in the tight space. Fluid has the tendency to back up between the eyelid crease and the eyelid margin. That swelling can take time to resolve. Swelling is often the reason patients panic because they feel that the eyelid crease is too high. This type of swelling in two weeks is normal and that swelling can linger and be variable in the course of several months and can go on to as long as one year. True surgical healing can take up to a year to resolve.

Dr. Prasad explains that the swelling she is experiencing is likely normal and the only things that he suggests to his patients to help resolve swelling is to manage any allergies, particularly eye allergies. They should also manage any sinus issues, get adequate sleep and do things that are healthy.

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